Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Drive up the CA Coast

Visit to Candice and Doug's hay and corn farm in western New York

Float over image and click play button to view all the photosAfter attending Ross's graduation at Cal Poly, we took a trip to wander about the central coast before returning home. We had an astounding trip, but can already tell the summer hoards are out of school and filing up the afternoon roadways and up until now, empty campgrounds. Some highlights of the trip include:

- Watching grey whales breach and frolic just offshore near Rockland
- Amazing hamburgers and stories at the family run burger stand at Jalama Beach - just below Point Conception at the inflection point of California's coast
- Amazing sublime sunsets lasting until after 9 pm
- wildflowers and blooming Jucca plants
- reading native american california history while traveling through the territory
- big sky views and pounding surf to fall asleep by

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Quick trip south along the edge of Olympic National Park

From Olympic Pennisula
Mare's Tails in the sky above Olympic National Park - photographed from Rt. 101

From Olympic Pennisula
Keystone ferry terminal - awaiting our boat ride to Port Townsend, WA - no problem with height on this ferry.

From Olympic Pennisula
Our boat arrives.