Saturday, August 31, 2013

East Coast Lap - Summer 2013

The trip started with a stop at Poughkeepsie to visit family.  Coincidentally, there was a major celebration of a treaty with the native americans about how to coexist along the Hudson River.  The treaty was documented using Wampum - a beaded creation which has remarkably withstood the test of time - even as paper currency, and paper agreements have long since vanished. Here, across the Hudson River is another one of these great rails to trails story - a railroad bridge across the Hudson River, that has been completely converted to a foot bridge - hundreds of feet above the river's surface. On the day we visited, there was a big gathering of Indian drummers on the bridge, sage burning, chanting, and over a hundred small boats paddling from up river down towards Manhattan.  Simultaneously, a crew of Indians that had been riding horses across America, crossed the bridge, right while the paddlers were passing beneath. Drummers pounding, chanting, smudge burning. Wow!!!

Hiking trip to Jack's Kill (creek) - these are all old Dutch names in this area

Whispering Cove built into the doorway of a building at an exclusive private school near Tarrytown.

Manhattan and Central Park

View from the The Highline - another rails to trails victory on the lower west side of Manhattan

Storm King - a massive contemporary outdoor sculpture "museum" on 300 acres of rolling farmland near the Hudson River. One views the exhibits on a small open canopy trolly or bicycle. No cars permitted.

Pumpkin Island - amidst the 1,000 Islands in the St. Lawrence River in southern Ontario province.

Paddling around Ash Island

Ospreys nesting near Pumpkin Island


Cottage Country


Great Blue Heron - swaaaaak!

Paddling up Lover's Lane

With the setting of the sun, the Island crew retreats to the living room to relax with a good book....ah, well Macbook - this was only ONE side of the room...The other was about the same. Everyone on-line.  Talk about changes arriving on the island.

Working our way up river west against the current and wind, avoiding hidden shoals, and small islands as well as the big ferry boat that comes by every few hours. Diana whoops with joy as the speedometer clicks up to 5 knots on a reach. Nobody is fast to release the sheets as we heel over in the puffs.

Food is a large part of our focus on the island - planning meals, crossing the water to shop, food preparation, and of course the enjoyment of consuming the treats around a loaded table surrounded by loving family and friends.  Diana led the baking charge making fresh Challah every Friday with Edgar.  There was a steady stream of pies, crumbles, cookies, brownies churning out of the small kitchen - everyone pitching in at meals.

1,000 Island suspension bridge, crosses into the US.

Dock time brings out the joy in us all. Water temperature was perfect for frolicking.

Peaceful mornings at the back dock, watching for wildlife and the sun's appearance over the forest.