Sunday, November 30, 2014

Thanksgiving 2014 in Santa Monica Mountains

Visit to my brother and sister in-Laws house in the Santa Monica mountains. They keep an amazing garden.

Pre-turkey activities for Ross and Morgan...

Preparing the meal...

 The outdoor prep kitchen

Hiking at Malibou Creek State Park. Recognize the location?

Now you got it?

And finally, a woman with her treasures...

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Land's End and Bolivian Pride Festival - Golden Gate Park

We embark on a meandering hike along Lincoln Park to Lands End, and then up through Golden Gate Park with the "Realm of Possibilities" crew, stopping to explore, perform, and discuss the music and musings of Bob Dylan. The setting is as much an entertainment as the props and lyrics we brought along - and the stories which wound it all together provided by the group's collective San Franciscan upbringing in the 60's expanded the experience beyond all expectations.

Can you find the kayaker fishing in the photo below?

The labyrinth and Land's End - a place full of magic and adolescent mischief.

A rusty horizon mid-day - now what would cause that?

Rambling while reciting a verse
in Dylan's voice so horsely terse
we stumble upon
a pride so strong
a group that dresses to belong
We're Bolivian and proud
our costumes are loud
The others nearby 
co-opted our pride
our dress and our customs
spread far and wide
and dance now to celebrate
Bolivian Pride!

And a short movie...

Anyone know what this odd concoction of a featured creature is called?