Tuesday, October 22, 2013

2013 Garage Addition - Coyote Bluff

laying out the new corners and setting elevations with a laser levelDemolition crew arrives and the project begins construction.Chalk lines demark the saw cuts to existing asphalts to make room for new grade beamsSaw cutting back slab to make room for new constructionUsing the big guns to pick up concrete and debris.Dirt is moved away to make room for concrete forms
Foundation forms getting setdrilling into existing foundation and setting new steel with epoxyThe old piers will be encased in new wall.
adding blocks to make room for man door and garage door openingssetting tie-downs and final touches to forms.concrete truck arrives - took two loads to fill the forms (12.5 cubic yards of concrete)Big crew from RO Construction on pour day to level, vibrate, and finish the slurry.setting bolts for tie-downs
setting anchor bolts and troweling finish.DSCN0534DSCN0533DSCN0531DSCN0537DSCN0536

Busy working on an addition to the garage - check back to this posting for updated photos as progress in made.