Sunday, October 25, 2009

Lost Trail Lodge

This time, we took the bikes to make better time and went exploring to find the Lost Trail Lodge. (Actually - if we had bothered to look at their web site, they publish very clear instructions for how to get there) - The lodge is actually easy to find if you know where to look - just 2.9 miles in Coldstream road - a forest service road that leaves right from behind the Holiday Inn in Truckee. The owner and lodge host, Dave, met us as we peddled up and offered us a cup of tea or coffee and proceeded to entertain us for 30 minutes with stories of great times at the lodge. This cozy, fully winterized and comfortable lodge is totally off the grid, with a well, and running water (read flush toilets) and sits surrounded by forest service land, within striking distance of some very exiting skiing and ski touring. The lodge is stuffed with knick-knacks of every sort - but of special note is a large collection of musical instruments - all in working order and available to guests to play if they know how. Dave is himself an accomplished musician and enjoys hosting musically themed events. We can't wait to return when snow is on the ground. Don't know why it took us so long to hook into this convenient and remarkable facility.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Crow's Nest Ridge Hike - October 2009

Hike from Pahatsi Rd. to Crow's Nest. Temperatures in the 60's, very calm air. Many signs of bobcat along the trail, but no sightings.

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Monday, October 12, 2009

Mid October - Donner Summit

Last weekend brought our first house guests of the season (Don/Margaret and Maya/Mike). We worked out the kinks of sharing this house with others and made some great meals. The bird food on the deck continues to attract large flocks of stellar jays - all squabbling over the food like a bunch of gulls. The woodpeckers stick to the trees and the other smaller birds avoid the congestion on the deck. The night temperatures bring morning low-lying fog to Van Norden meadow, but the sun has been burning it off for pleasant conditions for fall hikes.

This weekend was the Sugarbowl National Ski Patrol refresher. Winter friendships from last season were rekindled, rivalries reestablished, and lots of good training occurred with a steady rotation through first aid scenario stations. Lift evacuation drills, avalanche rescue drills, and a general welcoming back to the Sugarbowl community.

From Oct Donner Summit 2009

Last week's season's first snowfal left 4-6 inches on the ground at the higher elevations. In the distance here is the Sugarbowl ski resort skot from Castle Pass on the north side of Rt. 80

From Oct Donner Summit 2009

Early morning fog on Van Norden meadow.

From Oct Donner Summit 2009

Castle Peak - from Castle Pass

From Oct Donner Summit 2009

From Oct Donner Summit 2009

From Oct Donner Summit 2009

Sunday, October 4, 2009

09_October Desolation Wilderness - Summer turns to Fall

Thinking we'd get some great fall hiking in we ventured down to the southwest corner of Lake Tahoe and spent a few days exploring various trails that penetrate into the Desolation Wilderness. Eagle Lake, Grass Lake, Fallen Leaf Lake, Cascade Lake and more. Along the way we encountered the historically preserved Glen Alpine Springs Resort complete with it's own Soda Springs and Maybeck designed "fireproof" buildings a mile west and in from the end of Fallen Leaf Lake. We stopped briefly to chat with the owner and chief preserver and learned some interesting history about this area. On Saturday night, a heavy rain turned to snow and in the morning we had 3 inches of fresh snow to contend with. The shuttling clouds made a great backdrop for Emerald Bay.

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