Sunday, June 23, 2013

Maya and Mike come for a visit - Fishing on the Truckee and a hike to Martis Creek Lake

This dragon fly was very cooperative as I experimented with many different exposures and angles.

Mike, Ozzie, and Maya rest on a log by Lake Ella as we look for birds.

We stopped by the woodpecker nest, and eventually, mama woodpecker arrived with a meal for the screamin' younguns in the hole.

The bird feeder most visited on the deck is the hummingbird feeder. I believe this is an Anna's.

We went for a hike along the Truckee at sunset and for Mike to try fly fishing.  As darkness fell, an incredible huge full moon rose in the east lighting the path as we returned to the car.  Welcome to summer!

Next day under the growing overcast sky we hiked down to Martis Creek Lake from Coyote Bluff.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013