Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Brent and Aubrey Song from David's Soliant farewell party

Brent and Aubrey collaborated on this song (I highly urge you to click on this link to hear it performed by Brent) and presented it to me at my going away party from work. Now its official. I am free to roam about the planet...

Here are the lyrics.

David Galson's RV

If you love someone, you should set him free,
But its David G, him we really need
Still he wants to hit the road and we dumbly agreed

Woolen sweaters boots and a beard of red
He's the mountain man we shall not forget
When he's gone we'll feel so awfully upset

We'll live vicariously through your photography?
But when do we get to ride in your RV?

There's a burndown chart I'm longing to see
To my project's fate, it holds the key
In David Galson's spreadsheet

There are many projects he's yet to lead
We won't survive. Somebody tell me
Where’s David Galson’s RV?

Although we may not keep the man that
Diane thinks of as handsome
We hope that he’ll hold onto his key

And we’ll strain to hear each time the wind blows
Him yelling Yo! from the window
Of David Galson’s RV

Thanks you guys!!!

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