Wednesday, December 24, 2008

2008 December 24 Blizzard approaching Castle Peak

We've been having steady snowfall since my last post. There is over 4' accumulated on the ground protected by the wind. Where it has drifted the accumulations are much deeper. Between patrolling at Sugarbowl, patrolling at Royal Gorge, and backcountry skiing with Diane I've not had a day off until today - and even then, we got a 2 hour ski in to Andesite Ridge. I was breaking trail all the way up, but barely had to do anything but slide on the way down.

The trees are getting shorter, and here protected from the wind, the drifts come up smoothly to the boughs making a smooth transition from ground to sky.

For a breif moment the flurries lightened and I got off this shot of Diane.

It's Christmas Eve and we've already opened our best present...a full winter ahead.

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Learn2Remember said...

Hi David & Diane! Jen and Steven Furie here...
Absolutely majestic pics!! And from the looks of it, you had a stellar Christmas.

Just checking in since we haven't chatted in months...Get in touch next time you're online.

Merry New Year!!