Sunday, February 7, 2010

Crow's Nest Ski with Caspar

(Click on play button on center of screen to view slide show...)

The clouds cleared away and have left 4-6" of fresh snow on the ground. On the north sides of the ridges, where the wind has been blowing there are big cornices and much deeper deposits of snow. We follow the open ridge line between Soda Springs and Crows Nest Peak and get fabulous views of the Van Norden Meadow, Castle Peak to the North, and the Royal Gorge backcountry to the south. For a bit we follow a coyote's trail who was also headed up to the top of Crow's Nest. The run down from Crow's Nest was epic, but a bit heavy and we ran all the way to the bottom of the intended alignment for the eventual lift that will be placed to the peak. Until then, we have the entire bottom half of the run to ourselves as most skiers from the lift served area veer skiers right much higher to avoid a long slog back into bounds at the end of the run. Tele- skiers rule!!! (ah..Caspar actually trotted the whole way down in snow shoes - fit snowshoers ALSO rock!)

(Caspar captured this video while fending off snow covered trees on each side of the trail...)

(A panorama view from Caspar's camera...)

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