Thursday, September 2, 2010

Pumpkin Island - Take 3

The hot weather persists with 10 knot breezes in the afternoon. Multiple swim sessions in the comfortably cool river water make all activities possible. We paddle, hike,relax, read, cook, and eat. The bird life swirls around us, even sitting on the deck relaxing, so gazing off into the distance is usually a well rewarded activity when all else has been exhausted with osprey, heron, kingfisher, hummingbird, ducks and geese all sampling the culinary fare which floats by on this fluid smorgasbord which drains the great lakes.

In the threaded Canadian channel of the St. Lawrence River, Pumpkin Island sits amidst a collection of smaller and larger islands just north of the border where Interstate 81 crosses the border from New York State. With broad views upriver to the West, and an intimate archipeligo to the east, the island is the perfect place to escape the stress of normal life.

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Jane said...

If that property is your home I certainly envy you, it looks a blissfully peaceful setting and quite beautiful. I wonder, when you walk those paths and take your canoe out on the lake, do you 'feel' any sense of an ancient Native American presence in the way that we in Europe do for example when we're visiting ancient Roman sites?

David Galson said...

It is my parent's summer retreat in the middle of a mighty multi-threaded river. It is a great place to reconnect with the natural world and with oneself.