Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Keough Hot Springs, CA (south of Bishop)

Here are photos from Keough Hot Springs, south of Bishop, CA. These are open air, natural hot springs created by users who have piled up rocks in the creek bed to form very private feeling cascading pools of different temperatures downstream from the commercial resort. The natural pools have clean sandy bottoms and have almost no odor so prevalant in the other Owen's Valley hot springs we've visited. Drive south from Bishop and keep your eyes open for the Keough Hot Springs road (there is a sign). Drive up the hill and just before reaching the commercial resort turn right on the wide dirt road. Follow this road just less than 1/4 mile and turn left (uphill) to park beside any one of the many available pools. Typically one party occupies one pool, but approach slowly and inquire if you might join a resident party of all the pools are occupied when you arrive. These are open all year long and are free.


Hott Mama said...

Thanks for posting the "springs"! It was fun to see springs on the opposite side of the USA! Here, in Berkeley "Springs", WV, I grew up around many sites as such.

Maybe someday Harvey can bring you here too!

Jane said...

15 years ago there were similar natural hot springs at Dalyan in Turkey which were reached by boat passing through the reed beds and beneath the ancient sculptured mausoleums and temples carved from the rock hillsides. Over time the springs have become commercially 'improved' and are now formed of polished granite slabs with bench sides for which a 'special' tourist entrance fee is payable.
When word spreads of places worth visiting they can quickly become a lot less worthwhile ;o/