Friday, March 11, 2011

Road trip mid-season to Powder Mountain & Snow Basin in Utah

Eight ski buddies explore the amazing terrain at Powder Mountain and Snow Basin in Utah. Hard to reign in these cats long enough to make movies, but here is what I have. This movie is 20 minutes, so grab some Joe, and sit back for a invigorating break from your daily routine.

Eight alpine ski buddies gather annually for a "boys' trip to gather up some good western skiing mojo. David, Andy, Paul, originally high school adventure buddies, formed the nucleus of this group years ago and over time others have been added to round out the posse. Sam, Chris, and Bob all hark from the New York City Area, although Chris has since migrated to Denver. Bob is the most recent addition, and now it seems the group is complete.

All eight of us are married in long term relationships and have followed very different career and family paths but there is non-the-less a strong bond and commonality when we shed our daily routines and reunite annually for this pilgrimage back to our primal desires and perform a loosely choreographed group dance in the snow covered western mountains.

This year we selected the small town of Eden, UT - in an out of the way valley north east 1 hour from Salt Lake City because it is mid-way between two great ski resorts - Powder Mountain, and Snow Basin (more recently famed for hosting a few events of the winter Olympics). We had fresh snow on 5 of the 7 days of our trip - that is why we all flock to Utah when looking for powder snow.

More to come later on resort descriptions, but for now, I hope you enjoy this rather lengthy video (20 minutes) capturing some of the joy and exuberance we shared.

Key to skiers in order of appearance:
Red Parka, blue pack, gray helmet - David D.
Orange Coat, black pants, white Helmet - Sam L.
Blue Parka, blue helmet - Chris C.
Orange Parka, yellow pants - Andy W.
Green park with black shoulders - Paul S.
Red and black parka with F A T skis - Bob M.
Grey parka, black pants, red pack(usually a blur) - David G.

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