Monday, January 30, 2012

Nordic Ski Tour to Snow Mountain Hut at Royal Gorge

Snow Mountain Trail - Royal Gorge from David Galson on Vimeo.

Nordic ski tour at Royal Gorge on the Snow Mountain Trail. January 30, 2012, 42 degrees F - spring conditions

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Anonymous said...

Hi Diane & David, I finally started watching some of your blogs. You Both look so happy . Diane you look stunningly healthy and vigorous.
David what can I say except you look like you belong where you are.
Barbara and I had dinner with Herb his wife, Mary and her husband last week. They all want to see you soon. Barbara will be calling you soon about getting together when you are in town.
What a terrific life the two of you have!
I am at the library supposed to be finishing a little poem for my group on Wed. I have done many re-writes and it is ready to send to a publisher.
Since I we last visited I have been published several time in anthologies. The next one is due any day.
Time to get back to work. The library closes in an hour.
See you soon.
Continue to enjoy your great life!
Ruth Hughes