Saturday, November 24, 2012

Getty Center, Los Angeles, November 2012

The Getty Center, located on a bluff above the Los Angeles basin is an incredible tour-de force of architecture, art, and immersive experience.  The indoor/outdoor facility leads the visitor through a series of galleries surrounding an outdoor courtyard.  The multi level museum is laced with sloped walkways and shallow stairways leading from one valley overview to another.  With glimpses offered from portholes, and cracks through the massive bulky building components, we are enticed to explore the intimate gardens and distributed galleries.

The stark white travertine cladding and clean 30" x 30" grid of glazing, paving, and rough hewn stone blocks offset the clear dark azure sky on the day of our visit. 

We arrived early and rode the people mover silently up from the parking garage 600 feet below the main campus.  A sublime experience to be sure.

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