Monday, February 3, 2014

Bobcat (or maybe Lynx) comes a calling

Diane looked out the window first thing this morning and exclaimed - "Coyote!....wait - what IS that? Get over here with the camera fast!" So I jumped out of bed, grabbed the camera, switched to the telephoto lense, and crept over to the window snapping these shots.  The California Bobcat sniffed at the woodpiles, marked a few spots, checked out the bird feeder, then sauntered off in search of rabbits I suspect. I guess we are on his route.  He was about 30" long and very fluffy.  I think based on the size of his paws he is NOT a lynx - and the lack of remarkable bow tie beneath his chin.  We had fresh snow yesterday, so I'll go have a look at the tracks soon and then we'll know if he comes back.

Here is a link to a web site that tries to help distinguish between a Lynx and  bobcat.:
Based on the tail, I'd say Lynx, based on paw size and chin fur, its more like a bobcat.  What do YOU think?

excerpt:Of course, an article on bobcats wouldn't be complete without mentioning their short, rounded tails that appear to be cut, or "bobbed." While both cats have the characteristic haircut-gone-awry type of tail, the bobcat's is banded with black stripes. It's also black at the top of the tip and white at the bottom, while the lynx's tail lacks banding and is completely black at the tip.

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