Thursday, July 24, 2014

Dubai , Reno? Dubai, Reno?

Magic shows, and flashy cars
Spaced out gamblers crowd the bars
Dried out hills embrace to swarm
Melting ice, the drinks are warm.

If I had come from far away
This place my attitude would sway
About the values, people, place
How velcro has replaced the lace

In every way
To make it easy
Even bars don't seem so sleazy

Kids crowd the pools
And run down halls
As if in suburb
shopping malls

The parents dazed
With eyes so glazed
All stand in line
The buffet's maze

With flight crews
Families crowd the doors
As airplane engines
Make a roar

We think ahead to places far
That we can't get to in the car
And pace the time as miles tick by
The magic as In sky we fly.

First to LA
Then Miami
The fat man next to me
Ate Salami

From there we jump across the pond
From there To infinity
And beyond....

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