Thursday, November 12, 2015

Fall Photos from Lake Tahoe region

Fall 2015 snapshots from around Lake Tahoe

Out shooting with the big lense just past the full moon. Look at the detail around the shadow edge! This was shot with mirror up, timed release out in the front yard.

Earlier that evening I was trying to capture sunset light, and then without much success, I was tearing down the gear when these clouds appeared...

On a stormy November afternoon on the east shore of Lake Tahoe looking at what's left of secrect Cove with the low lake level.

Cedar tree in afternoon light along the trail.

Near chimney beach this small stream spills out into Lake Tahoe

Looking north west from Chiney Beach

First day this season on Skis at Royal Gorge before formal opening.  4"-8" of unconsolidated snow over leaves and pine needles.  melt freeze crust close to the ground with some really light snow in the shade and significant surface hoar growth in areas open to the night sky.  Will need to keep an eye on this layer as it gets buried this weekend with another foot of fresh snow.  All this BEFORE Thanksgiving. Wow!

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