Saturday, September 6, 2008

2008_September 4 - Many Glacier, Montana - Glacier National Park

We leave Waterton Lakes early in the morning to catch the sunrise over a wetlands area just a bit down the road on the way to the States. We can just see the bird life awakening on the marsh, and the snow dusted mountain tops come to life as the sun lights them up from teh east.

We are still surrounded by weather and get periodic drizzles and hail throughout our travels today.

We are hiking to day to Crypt Lake, a lake high in the alpine above the Many Glacier trailhead in Glacier National Park. Hikers on the trail exchange bear sighting stories as we go, in an effort to keep each other informed of what may lie ahead. We all want to see the bears and wildlife, but not too close. With cubs in tow, and serious about getting fueled for the winter, these bears are by no means tame.

We surpised these big horn sheep as they were crossing the trail.

Once they stopped running, they glanced back to see what sort of creature we were.

This cow moose was crossing one of the upper lakes along this drainage, foraging as she went dipping her big mussel deep into the water, coming up with a snootful of vegetation. The camera lens does not do here justice, but the binoculars offered us a great view of her behavior as she traveled unperturbed by our perch on the trail above and downwind.

This stream crossing still had a bridge, even though one cable was broken.

This is Bullhead Lake, and the sun was sparkling off the crystal clear water. The cool breeze was blowing down off the upper sno fields. We only ahd about 1/2 hour here before we needed to turn around for home.

If you look carefully, you'll see a mountain goat high up on this slope, just beneath the upper cliff and above the scree slope.

Redrock falls

Redrock falls

Aspen lining the lower trail on our way out.

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