Monday, September 22, 2008

22Sept2008 - Visitors to Pumpkin Island

Colleen and Hucky came to visit Pumpkin Island from Rochester and provide an incredible feast of marinated and grilled duck breast, homemade herbed focacia bread, sauteed snow peas and walnut chocolate tort for desert. It was too cold to eat el fresco, but we had a beatiful sunset serenade as we sat down for our repast.

Quiet morning paddle to look for wildlife.

The neighbor's dock with still water

Two turtles were sunning themselves in "Turtle Bay" the place we go to look for snakes and turtles on warm afternoons.

The scains of geese are honking and flying overhead. The cormorants have arrived and are eating and gaining strength for their eventual migration south. We watch the black mink who lives under the dock fish off the point taking one trip after another into the fast moving stream and then pop out again with small fish in his mouth. He hops over the rock to eat it, then scurries into the water again for another bite. Over and over we watch the small mink return for more fish. I guess he's learned how to catch gobies. The lone Osprey circles on a thermal draft overhead as we explore by canoe and kayak through the small channels and bays that make up this rich aquatic region.

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