Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Mt. Judah - South Bowls with Jeff & Gary

The two day storm broke this morning and left us wonderful light and deep snow right in the backyard. The 90 mph+ winds that came with the start of the storm died off yesterday afternoon so that last 12" were deposited evenly and without a crust. The Lincoln lift at Sugarbowl was not running, so we hiked up to Roller Pass from the top of the Christmas Tree lift - no a soul on the ski slopes up high. Taking care not to mislead any subsequent skiers we ducked out of bounds well before the pass and stayed in the trees until over the first rise and well on our way to Mt. Judah proper. We farmed the powder, run after run, moving over just a tad with each lap to find sweeter and sweeter powder stashes. As the day wore on however, the temperatures rose, and a crust began to form on the south facing aspects. Checking our watches, we called it a day, climbed one last time to the shoulder of Judah and relished an unusually solitary run down untracked snow on "Century Club" and back into bounds.

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