Tuesday, April 6, 2010

XC Skiing with sister Diana at Royal Gorge

(Click mouse on image (except the big play button) to display play controls at the bottom of the image...)

Another 21" of fresh snow has fallen in the past two days. Although many folks have succumbed to cabin fever already, we are relishing the extended winter and replenishment of snow cover. It was well below freezing all last night, so this morning's snow is in fine shape even with the bluebird sky and warming air temperatures. The surface is so soft, even the woodland animals have not ventured out - so there are no visible tracks crisscrossing the forest floor. The surface hoar crystals sparkle in the clear sunlight and the crisp snow dust falls off the trees as the wind blows. It seems like we have the whole resort to ourselves after our early start but by lunch we begin to see other tracks at the intersections. Diana is giddy with enjoyment at getting out in the woods after her recent confinement for health purposes. If my camera had a smile detector, it would be reading 10 out of 10 as we smoothly glide over the wide open countryside.

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