Saturday, April 24, 2010

Springtime transitions

Packing the truck this morning in shirt sleeves. Listening to the bird
song. A neighbor's dog comes to visit, then departs. A hummingbird
flits by, hovers near the open door, as if considering joining us on
our trip to Oakland, then decides better of it and departs for sweeter
fruits. Two robins bath in the snow melt stream flowing from beneath
the snowpack besides the house. Remarkably, the willows in the lane
are sprouting buds. The driveway is melted down to asphalt, a rare
occurance this season so we take advantage of the traction to pull the
camper down the grade and right up to the garage, load belingings and
take our leave in this window between spring storms.

David Galson, EMT
PO Box 742
Soda Springs, CA. 95728

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