Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Coyote Bluff - 2nd week

Well, the boxes are mostly put away, and we are starting to have some spare time to explore around the property. I've started to build a perimeter trail, but mostly I'm looking for birds, and looking for fossils in the rock piles.  The bird feeders have attracted lots of new visitors, and from the scat I can see there are deer and coyotes about.

I ran out after dinner when I saw this purple lenticular cloud forming over the Carson range.  Wow, it seems like forever since I had the camera out, and these grainy images reflect my rustiness.  This is a view looking east from the property just at the edge of hill as it drops off towards Lake Ella.

Mule's Ear is proliferating on the hillside, with Indian Paintbrush as well. The Lupin is just a week behind and it seems we may have big fields of them on the way.

With the garage cleaned up, and almost organized, we could get the vehicles out of the way. The dirt driveway and turn around seem very rustic and homey now, but I wonder what it will be like to keep the way drivable in the snows of winter.

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