Saturday, May 25, 2013

Hike To Martis Creek Lake

We parked at the end of The Strand just a mile from the house and hiked through the Land Trust's Waddell Ranch Preserve to get to the Martis Creek Wildlife Area.  While we ate some great sandwiches, we were able to watch white pelicans, and Osprey fishing in the lake. Next time I'll need to bring the long lens   Across the lake you can see mountain bikers below the still snowy Sierra crest.  The white bird flying low across the water on the left is a white pelican.

We hiked with Jim, Don and Margaret.  Here everyone was involved to try to photograph the snow flowers that were blooming in dappled light.  Jim held the reflector to fill the shadows, while Margaret and I snapped a few exposers.

Lake Ella Shoreline.  The lake is teeming with birdlife now.  While we stood and watched, two families of canadian geese swam by with chicks in tow.

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