Wednesday, January 20, 2010

January 16-20 snow storm

From January 17-20 snowstorm

The snowing started Saturday morning and has not stopped yet. With the wind and snow dropping from the trees we have an additional 4 feet accumulated around the house. Where the wind has transported the snow, the drifts are even bigger. The snow piling up on the side of our house is already up to the second story where the roof sheds. With snow falling at a rate over 2" per hour, we are out shoveling a few times a day just to keep ahead of the accumulation. Its all good. The sking has been unbelievable with fresh blower powder accumulating in the steep tree'd slopes faster than it can be tracked up. Avalanche hazard is now considerable, so we'll stay in the resort boundaries until the storm passes and things have a chance to settle down. Whoopie!

This morning we noticed a squirrel burrowing under the snow and just popping up from a hole beneath the bird feeder. He would grab a few loose seeds then disappear into his snowy labyrinth to swallow. Several times he popped his head out in different places like a prairie dog.

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