Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Up Mt. Rowton (Lola's Lookout)

From View from Mt Rowton's West Ridge

From View of Tinker's Knob on the Pacific Crest Trail from Mt Rowton

With David's arm in a sling and trudging along in front on snowshoes we wander about in some of our favorite off-trail areas looking for scenic views. The sky was overcast with weather threatening for tomorrow. The sun peaked out now and again occasionally giving us amazing shadows and textures on the snow that remains from our holiday storm cycle. The southwest gales blasted those faces clean of snow and large chalky deposits remain on the north and east exposures. Dramatic cornices still cling to the ridgetops that we are exploring.

With David on snowshoes and Diane on back country skis and skins our paces are actually well matched, as David breaks trail going uphill and then cuts all the corners heading straight down the fall line in the stable footwear. We transect the Royal Gorge Trail system, as they make a lower grade approach to the same high points. We stay on the ridges and scout for lookouts - always on the lookout for animal tracks in the snow. Today, we see nothing larger than rabbit tracks, but the trail groomers tell of bear tracks newly visible in this new year's fresh snow.

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