Thursday, January 28, 2010

Storm breaks, roof melts, TDXC

From Tahoe Donner

The 10 day storm has passed, and as predicted we have accumulated over 6 feet of new snow around the house. Where the wind has deposited it on the north side its stacked up to the 2nd floor. The backcountry is unstable as the heavy latest snow was deposited on top of a lighter pack, so we stay close to home and in bounds for a few days as everything stabilizes. We saw a flying squirrel yesterday night at the bird feeder. That's a first for us. If he comes back tonight, we'll get a picture.

From Tahoe Donner

Exploring the Tahoe-Donner Cross Country center on a day off we explored the Euer Valley and daydream about the connections between here and Donner Summit. I go home to study the map and a plan is hatching....Say tuned.

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