Tuesday, February 3, 2009

2009 Feb 3 - South Face Mt. Judah

We take the lift up Mt. Lincoln, make a brief hike out along the ridge towards Mt. Anderson, and drop off the south west face to the meadow below. The snow rolls littering the slope came loose as we skied, cascading down all around us as we came down the steeper sections.

Snow was mixed off Mt. Lincoln, but after climbing up the south side of Mt. Judah, we found the perfect spring snow we had come in search of.

Tim rips down wonderful corn eyes ahead to the next turn.

Such a good ride, we skin up and climb for another lap - this time a bit to the east.

Kick turn.

A happy man. Tim is all grins today.

Tim's neighbor, drafted at the last minute for the trip, shows off his fine tele style.

Graeme is grinning - turn after turn.

A narrow rock chute we all aimed for on one down trip.

back up to Roller pass.

Donner Lake.

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