Monday, February 23, 2009

Feb 23 - The Big Dig - latest storm cycle

The snow has slid off the roof and finally connected with the ever growing pile on the ground creating this snow version of a surfing wave tube. Luckily here, it is protecting the living room window, so we get some filtered light through the snow slump. I am afraid to chop a hole in the "wave" for fear it will disturb the delicate surface tension holding the rest of the snow away from the window and the side of the house. Perhaps with a few more freeze/thaw cycles I'll get brave and make a porthole.

Looking at the north side of the house - you can see we are particularly buried. The upstairs bathroom window is completely occluded, as are most of the downstairs windows. My project for today was to carve out a viewing port in the back of the house so we can still see Castle Peak from the sink window - one of our favorite afternoon and sunset activities. Today I also excavated the upstairs deck after taking this photo to keep the snow from pushing on the double french doors.

The excavation begins and I punch through an opening between the upstairs deck and the kitchen window well.

Now there is a bit of a notch to work with and I try to imagine the angles from inside so the neighbors houses are obscured, but the views of Castle peak beyond are not.

Exhaustion makes me stop, and the views are obscured by the lowering clouds. We'll have to see how all this works out on the next sunny day!!

Fun and games in the snow. Is recess over already? Do I haveta come inside already?

How many more ways can I procrastinate before starting on my taxes?

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