Monday, February 16, 2009

Feb 16 - Seventh Day into the storm cycle

After a long day on the slopes, I came home and dug out the first floor doors and windows. Now, over a week into this storm cycle our first floor is completely under snow except for near the front door, where the snow removal service helps us out. Here is a view out the back door - trying to keep a fire exit clear enough to open the door and step outside - beyond the alcove, the snow is well over my head now.

Sean and I work to make some room for the groomer to pack down snow beneath the surface lift at Royal Gorge. We were wallowing up to our armpits off the side of the lift path - Sean's victory stance is as he managed to free his upper body from the drifts.

Mirkwood forest, with snow blasted trees - testament to the fury of some of the nighttime blows. Gusts have been up to 80 mph over the ridges, but actually here in the deep forest, is usually much calmer.

View of the house this morning on my way to "the office". That's the second floor deck you are seeing. Below that, it's all ice age and packed snow. We can step off the 2nd floor decks right onto the surrounding drifts.

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