Friday, February 20, 2009

Feb 20 - sunny patrol day - trip to Devil's Outlook

The weather has heated up again, so I leave first thing while the track is still frozen from last night to check up on Devil's Outlook warming Hut. Here is our Patrol "sled" - a snowmobile pulling a supply trailer, with first aid supplies, my camera (of course), warming hut re-supplies, garbage, water, and some excavation tools in case I get stuck.

I get to the warming hut, and look at what I find...a perched, drifted, overhanging snow pile, looming over the door, awaiting an unsuspecting skier upon which to pounce. Hmmm. This does not look safe. I spend the first 15 minutes here trying to dislodge the cornice without getting clobbered myself. At least once it fell off, I had fewer steps to chip ice off, since the cornice basically covered half the staircase with heavy consolidated snow, which I just stomped down and left in place.

A quick glance at Devil's peak, and I'm off, to the next project for the day.

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