Sunday, June 27, 2010

Little Lakes Valley

42 degrees upon awakening at 9,000 feet just below the shores of Rook Creek Lake. The drainage stream is flowing mightily and the sun angles in between the sparsely spaced trees like white hot laser beams. My foggy brain is brought to full operational rotations as I crack the door for some fresh air and I let the hot sun beams fall on my face like the pelting drops of a streaming shower. All is wonder and magic until I see the campground host's bumper sticker: "Palin 2012" and II am brought back to reality of us and "them", of political scrabbles, of fairness and criminality in the highest halls of hallowed justice. At least we can all agree on this thing here in the woods on this fine morning - the peace and beauty of an early Sierra sunrise. Perhaps if we can just start there we can build from that...

Hiked into Little Lakes Valley today towards Mono and Morgan Pass. Hit the snow at just above 10,500 feet at Chickenfoot Lake - well below the passes.

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Tucked up almost at the end of the road leading to Rock Creek Lake is the Rock Creek Lake Resort, which offers an amazing assortment of fresh baked pies daily. You need to go early most days, because by the end of your hike, don't expect there to be a full selection left. Our sampling indicated the strawberry was a it sweet, but the rhubarb was superb.
From Little Lakes Valley

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