Thursday, June 3, 2010

This Journey's End - posted from Winnemucca NV

We have left the two-lane gravel and dirt roads of the high Utah mesa behind and have opted for efficiency and speed as we drive westward across Nevada on the 4 lane interstate and towards home. The Bonneville Salt Flats just outside of Salt Lake City are eerie as the hot, ultra flat and highly reflective white plain creates mirages of shimmering water between us and the mountains easily 20 miles distant. Mile markers tick away and we cross into Nevada. Refueling puts another 350 miles under the chassis and we stumble into Winnemucca, NV on High School Graduation weekend here. There are decorated cars dragging streamers with tinted windows multicolored with congratulations and messages, like" Stop me if you like, I've graduated today and am still sober". We find a gravel tent site in an almost vacant RV park near the edge of town and try to calm our jangled driving nerves.

We finish off the open wine in the cabinet by 4:00 pm, crack a new bottle, and play meditative native Indian flute music on the stereo while we tell each other stories of our fond and recent memories - reviewing photos and catching up on e-mail (our first internet connection for the computer for over a week)

Tomorrow we will reach Reno by lunch - a familiar stomping ground. Once we've taken care of a few shopping errands at Trader Joe's we'll head up to Donner Summit to catch up with Jim K. who is still writing us and telling of deep snows and impassable hiking trails. Too bad we did not bring skis on this lap.

( Here are some photos from the last week. A slide show is embedded. Click anywhere on the black border, and the slide controls will be exposed at the bottom of the frame...)

Once I get back, I'll prepare a selective group of these photos for sale as Greeting Cards, post cards, matted wall art or posters and if you are interested you'll be able to go to my Red Bubble site (link on left of page) to select and purchase items you like.

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Jane said...

Fabulous photos of breathtaking scenery. You are so fortunate to live in such a beautiful and varied country, and to have the skill to commemorate it in photographs.