Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Windmills taping Salt Lake air - Antelope Island State Park

Windmills taping Salt Lake air dropping into the desert. We climb out of the desert and approach Salt Lake. The temperatures cool and we leave the land of National Parks and oversized camper vans behind. In four hours we have made it to Antelope Island State Park in the middle of the Great Salt Lake. With prong horn antelope out the window and the air punctuated by the colorful trill of song birds, we relax in the sanctuary of the camper with windows open and screens drawn to keep out the bothersome midges which otherwise would drive us crazy. Just three hours until the light show of sunset begins so we rest for now.

Evening hours award us with fine views of the antelope herd, many jack rabbits, a family of quail and an amazing light show by the setting sun(see photos posted above). After our evening photo shoot, we return to our campsite and find a very large bison grazing not 20 feet away in the dusk. He uses a large rack there to rub and itch - undoubtedly bothered at some level by the same midges we are as well as his winter coat, which appears to be coming off in sheets. We watch him until it is too dark to distinguish between the bison and the shadows, then turn our attention inward and prepare for bed.

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