Sunday, June 13, 2010

Pacific Grove and Point Lobos

A mere 2.5 hours drive south of our house in Oakland lies this exquisite jewel of a park along the pacific coast. Just south of the hustle and bustle of Monterey and its fabled aquarium lies this outcropping of ancient rock that battles the ocean for control of the coast. In the protected bays we saw incredible wildflowers, dramatic surf breaking on rocks, southern sea otters at play and tied up to the kelp, sea lions, fleets of pelicans skimming the wave tops, nesting cormorants on bird island, and found plenty of reflective moments to consider the juxtaposition of land, air sea, day, night, life and death. On our unseasonably warm day, we scampered among the rock protected tide pools and hunted for interesting sea life in the tidal zone. The nearest camping is in Veteran's Memorial State Park just on the edge of the City n Monterey - no reservations accepted. Get there early on weekends.

Point Lobos State Reserve

Camping on the Coast

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Mimi said...

Beautiful! Monterey Ba is my favorite place in the world.