Thursday, June 17, 2010

Yosemite Valley June 2010

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We visited Yosemite to experience the power and magnificence of the early summer snowmelt waterfalls. Sam and his wife Jeanne met us there on their summer tour of western states and we explored the Merced Grove of Giant Sequoia trees and hiked the 8 mile panorama trail from Glacier point to the valley floor. The park concession is now charging $25 one way for the Glacier Point shuttle, so if you are on a budget, its best to arrange your own shuttle.

Almost any view of the valley walls revealed one or more waterfalls - many of which dry up completely later in the summer. The big falls were BOOMING - literally pounding our soft bodies with powerful low frequency energy when we closely approached. The localized wind created by these massive cascades was enough to tear off hats, glasses, and any loose pack attachments.

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